Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Go online to, then click on the “apply now” button.
A processing fee must be paid at the time of application.

What is the deadline to apply? (complete the on-line portion of the application)

International students must apply on-line by January 15th.
Domestic students must apply on-line by January 15th.

What materials do I have to submit to the Graduate College?

On-line application
Processing fee
iBT-TOEFL scores, and optionally, GRE scores (have the scores sent by the testing agencies).

What are the ETS codes for TOEFL and GRE?

University of Arizona = 4832 
East Asian Studies = 2601 - (not required to list)


iBT-TOEFL must be current (which means within the last two calendar years).
We must receive a current TOEFL for every international student
(this is a Graduate College/University rule).
You will not be considered for financial aid without a passing score.

Minimum passing scores:

Paper test: 550
Computer based test (CBT): 213
Internet based test (iBT): 79


GRE scores for domestic and international applicants are optional.

What materials do I have to submit to East Asian Studies?

With the exception of the official transcripts (which need to be mailed in), all of these items will be uploaded with your Graduate College online application.

  • TOEFL scores, optional GRE scores
  • Letter or statement of purpose
  • Two letters of recommendation (there is no form letter or specific format)
  • Original transcripts
  • Department financial aid application
  • Writing sample (for Ph.D applicants only)

By when do I have to have all my materials submitted?

January 15 is the deadline for everyone. Application review begins shortly after January 15th, and applications are reviewed only once. Missing materials could adversely affect your application.

Can I send my materials as an email attachment?

The materials will all be uploaded with your online application. If you have trouble uploading any of the items, you may email them to Stephanie Topete at

What happens if I don’t submit everything by January 15th?

EAS reserves the right not to review your application.

What if I don’t (or didn’t) send in the application fee?

Your application cannot be considered.

What if the letters of recommendation are not official and in a sealed envelope?

They are uploaded along with your online application.

What should recommendation letters specify?

  • In what capacity the recommender knows you
  • Length of time the recommender has known you
  • If the recommender thinks you are capable of the level of graduate study
  • If the recommender thinks you could teach (and if so, what)
    • (example: basic Chinese (or Japanese) language classes or general education classes conducted in English)

After the deadline date, what can I do to find out my status?

The department will begin reviewing and will process as quickly as we can after February 1st. See the Application Process page for details.

When will admission and financial aid decisions be made?

Usually by late March (shortly after we receive the budget from Central Administration).

How will I be notified of results?

If you are selected for admission, you will receive an e-mail from the department.
If you are denied admission, the Graduate College will notify you by email.

When will I find out about financial aid? (If I am recommended for admission)

If you are recommended for admission, you will find out about financial aid in late March (unless we have not received the budget yet)

How will I find out about financial aid?

The Department will send you an e-mail. You must accept or refuse our offer in writing by April 15 (this can be done by e-mail). The department will then work with the Graduate College to process paperwork.

How will I get my documents so I can obtain a Visa?

Once a student is accepted by the department and has accepted our offer, the Graduate College and the department work together to process all the paperwork as quickly as possible. When SEVIS documentation is ready, the Graduate College notifies the department and the department coordinator picks up the materials and will FedEx to the student.

What if I am selected for admission but want to delay for one year?

You can defer your admission for up to a year, upon department discretion.

Will I get employed for a teaching position?

Not all students are selected to be Graduate Assistants, Teaching (GATs) because:
a) we do not have positions available
b) we do not have funds
c) student has not taken and passed the UofA ESPE test

Will I have an opportunity to be interviewed by phone for a teaching position?


What happens if I am selected to teach but fail to pass either the TSE or the ESPE test?

You will not be employed. You will need to take and pass a one-semester course offered by the University Teaching Center before you can be considered for a teaching position. Even then, we may not have any teaching openings in the Spring semester.

How do I take the UofA ESPE test?

The department will administer the test. Email Dr. Feng-hsi Liu at for more information.

If I have a teaching position, when do I have to report to the EAS office?

It will be stated in the offer letter, but usually by the second week in August.

When will I get paid (if I have a teaching position)?

The hiring paperwork cannot be completed until you are on campus. The hiring paperwork cannot be processed until your ESPE test results are available and you have passed. The paperwork takes a while to be processed. If all goes well, you could get your first check within a few weeks.

Do you provide full support for graduate students?

No. We do not provide room, board, or books. If you are employed, you are eligible for free individual medical insurance. (If you need a family insurance plan, you must pay for it.)

Can I be admitted to the Ph.D. program without an MA?


Can I do an M.A. and Ph.D. at the same time?

No, you would need to complete an M.A. degree and then apply to the Ph.D. program.

If I take an M.A. in EAS and then apply for the Ph.D. will I automatically be accepted?

No, you would be considered along with all the other applicants.